Pastors Stuart and Deborah Brink originate from the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Here they were submitted to the leadership of Good Hope Christian Centre, which was the training ground for their task of missionary work in the United Kingdom.

In 1994, the Pastors and their two daughters, Carla and Shara, arrived in the UK where they worked alongside the Pastors of a local church in Addlestone for five years. In the year 2000 they were called to plant and begin what is now Hope Christian Centre.

CFI Christian Fellowship International is an independent fellowship of Ministers, Ministries and Churches who have identified and acknowledged Dr Fred Roberts as an Apostolic Father, and who have dedicated themselves to one another for the purpose of promoting global harvest.

This fellowship has been effective for a great many years networking diverse ministries from around the world, including Hope Christian Centre, under a common vision.

Part of Churches Together in Staines, HCC is closely linked with the local churches in Staines, who meet regularly for prayer and community fellowship.